Royal Oak, Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire (pub #1502)   2 comments

Royal Oak Saundersfoot sign


I had ditched the hoodie I thought I would need for my walk and was in a sweat-and-mist soaked t-shirt with mud-caked trousers when I approached the Royal Oak.  Dodging the cyclists passing through as part of the Long Course Weekend, I entered the building and, hit by the blast of heat, started sweating in earnest…in overdrive, profusely.  Shit.

When my turn eventually came up at the bar, I went for a golden ale: Glamorgan Jemima’s Pitchfork, which has the sort of bitter, flowery aftertaste that American hops has made so popular.  I had half of it down me before I could get to the door to rejoin the spectators in the blessedly cool breeze (a sustained 30 mph wind with gusts as high as 60).


Royal Oak Saundersfoot beer


The sun threatened to break through, but the rain won out in the end.  I was still a bit overheated from the hike and decided to venture on to the Old Chemist to continue my recovery.  Here’s a map.


Royal Oak Saundersfoot bike race


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