Tenby to Amroth on Wales Coastal Path   2 comments

I walked from Tenby to my overnight accommodation in Amroth and took in the sights and a few pubs (of course).  Here are some photos and thoughts on the day (and the jog back to the Marathon start the next morning).

Wales Caostal Path Mad Men studios


It looks like the Welsh version of Mad Men may have been filmed around here (in which Dai Draper conceals his real identity to land a posh job harvesting cockles down the seaside).


Tenby station


The Welsh language is lovely and the accent heavenly (I could listen to them for hours even if they were only reading from a tool catalogue or a phone directory).  But, what’s the deal with the long versions of the names?


Tenby Upper Frog Street


Tenby is quite pretty and still has a bit of the 16th Century (and earlier, even) character in its streets and houses.  The paint job on the Coach and Horses, for instance, is typical of what you’ll find in the centre of the old town.


Tenby Castle


The Castle, beach and harbour are also gems (the sunny photos were from Sunday afternoon when the rain finally ceased).


Tenby harbour

But, I couldn’t dawdle…my room awaited some 7½ miles away (6.2 but I was determined to use the Coastal Path, despite the rain and fog).

Wales Coastal Path marker

Wales Coastal Path weird marker

I don’t know…please don’t ask me.

The weather was really shit for most of the walk, but occasionally the rain would stop and a break in the fog would allow a lovely view.

Wales Caostal Path 3

The hills were steep and frequent and slicker than a baby’s diarrhea so it was inevitable that I would slide down at least a portion of one of them.  Not to disappoint, I got quite muddy about a mile before emerging from the jungle-like trail to find Saundersfoot (and the Royal Oak to compensate for my humiliation and the Old Chemist, for refreshment ahead of the continued journey).

Saundersfoot 2


After Saundersfoot, there are still a few climbs and descents, but it stays relatively flat for a while with tunnels through the cliffs yielding access to a bike path along coastline.


Wales Coastal Path 6

My journey out convinced me to stick to the roadways as much as possible for the jog into the start of the Marathon the following day.  The hills seemed to be less frequent and it was nice to keep my feet (and ass) dry.

Tenby-Amroth and back

Red line: out. Yellow line: return.

Eventually, I found my B&B for the night; it was elegant and I felt awful showing up in the filthy and sweaty state I was in (especially after they presented me with a Welcome Pot Of Tea and some delicious cake with a sublime butter crème filling).  I cleaned up as best I could and made my way out to try out the New Inn at the far end of the village before returning to the Amroth Arms for a spot of dinner.

Amroth in the fog



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