Amroth Arms, Amroth, Pembrokeshire (pub #1505)   2 comments

Amroth Arms Amroth sign

Out of the New Inn and into the howling winds and now heavy rains, it was a bracing walk for someone dressed for a cool but still summer day.  The Amroth Arms offered shelter, food, refreshing beverages and a friendly dog; it would have been rude to pass by such hospitality.

Amroth Arms Amroth dog

The house wasn’t nearly so crowded as the others, today, so I drew attention.  “Listen, I want to get a fish and chips but before ANYTHING I am BUSTING for a pee.”  Door on the left, then on my right with the chuckling fading, I emptied the much-older-than-the-rest-of-me, low capacity bladder then returned to the bar.  The Tour de France was on tele, so there was nothing to watch.  Unless you were THESE guys:

Amroth Arms Amroth bar

The fish and chips were a real treat and almost too generous except when you’re a growing boy.  There’s always a danger that the carrots (an unusual side) will be cooked the English way but these were al dente and had flavour more reminiscent of a sweet root vegetable than wallpaper paste.  The fish was quite nice, too.

Amroth Arms Amroth fish and chips

It was a satisfying end to my day.  The trudge to the B&B was not nearly so cold, didn’t seem quite so wet after this.

Here’s the map.

Amroth Arms Amroth


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