Freshwater Inn, Freshwater East, Pembrokeshire (pub #1508)   2 comments

Freshwater Inn Freshwater East sign


The Freshwater Inn gets screwed by the Wales Marathon. During the event, the road it is on is inaccessible to all but foot traffic (so, mostly the denizens of this tiny village, most of whom were hiding out until the hordes passed). When I entered, the staff appeared to be enjoying a chin wag at the kitchen’s serving window and were oblivious to my presence.

“Hiya,” I interrupted. The young barman, startled, rushed over apologetically and served me up as his boss came over to chat. Turns out, he’s done the Marathon before and was sympathetic to my nutritional needs (giving me a hefty, one-off discount on the pint).

Hopefully, the trade picked up later in the day.


Freshwater Inn Freshwater East beer



2 responses to “Freshwater Inn, Freshwater East, Pembrokeshire (pub #1508)

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