Kings Arms, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire (pub #1506)   2 comments

Kings Arms Pembroke


The Marathon had gone well enough through Pembroke and I trundled up to the first pub I saw. Grabbing the door handle I found it locked…bugger. Up the hill to the High Street, I scanned the store fronts but my glasses were smeared and fogged over and completely useless so the first place I spotted that appeared to be serving was the King’s Arms.

Inside, I found a small arc of a bar populated by 5 or 6 older gents bitching about the runners and road closures but I still am not sure whether it was directed at me or if somehow it is normal for damp, fragrant Americans in skimpy shorts to turn up before noon on Sundays and start photographing the house whilst waiting for their beer to settle.



Kings Arms Pembroke beer Cwrw


I ordered a Cwrw after looking twice at each of the taps available (a daunting selection, indeed). The barman seemed pleased that I pronounced it correctly and the attendees smiled at either my enthusiastic downing of the mellow brew or at the brevity of my visit.

“Out of my way, losers!” I shouted at the stream of runners as I exited the building. A couple of spectators turned and smiled; the bloke asked, “did you just stop for a pint?”
“Of course. It has to start somewhere.”
“Good man,” he yelled as I dashed off.


Kings Arms Pembroke bar

My glasses, on the bar near the pint and the Cwrw tap, wouldn’t have helped me focus this shot.

Here’s the map.


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