Lamphey Hall Hotel, Lamphey, Pembrokeshire (pub #1507)   2 comments

Lamphey Hall Hotel Lamphey


I left the Marathon course to travel an unknown distance down a road I hadn’t even Google scouted to reach a pub I hadn’t planned on visiting and wasn’t entirely sure was open. It turned out to be the Lamphey Hall Hotel and I was pleased to find the door open and a staffer toting linens into the lift.

“Pardon me…is the bar open?” I asked.
“Certainly,” she answered pointing. “Just go straight through.


Lamphey Hall Hotel Lamphey beer



I breezed past reception and some well attired other staff that, once they caught up (as they all converged on me at the bar) seemed relieved if bemused that I was just a thirsty runner from the event a quarter-mile away. There were only two customers at this early hour, a friendly couple who offered to snap my photo for this note.


Lamphey Hall Hotel Lamphey yours truly



This place is VERY nice (too nice for the likes of me even when I clean up and behave myself) but they were much more friendly than cordial and though I am sure they were glad my stay was brief they all made me feel as if it was a highlight of the pre-lunch rush.

And, the beer was lovely.  Here’s a map.


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