Old Chemist, Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire (pub #1503)   2 comments

Old Chemist Saundersfoot sign

A while back I hit the Reckless Engineer.  Now I’ve done the Old Chemist.  It is inevitable that soon I’ll find a pub that covers my other past jobs: the Tripping Cabbie, the Unhygenic Pizzaman, the Fighting Pencilpusher’s Arms … you know the sort.

Old Chemist Saundersfoot


Another packed house and the heat and humidity would have been oppressive so I took my Double Dragon out to the beachside beer garden and savoured it’s almost candy bar and perfume flavours while listening to the surf and to the neighbours having a bit of a kick around.  Then, all three of the footie players gasped just before the ball hit my bench.  “Sorry,” the dad said, somewhat embarrassed and maybe (an African bloke) a bit uncomfortable after the Brexit vote allowed the racist dragons free range.  “Not at all…you didn’t spill the beer, after all,” was the reply that made them grin, again.


Old Chemist Saundersfoot Felinfoel


The music in the house was raucous, Chicago-style blues when I was buying the pint and as I passed back through it was some “Watching the Detectives.”  Nice; Elvis Costello left the business world to become a full-time musician 40 years ago this week.  Yep, I’m old.


Old Chemist Saundersfoot garden





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