Three Mariners, Tenby, Pembrokeshire (pub #1510)   2 comments

Three Mariners Tenby sign


“Is the bar serving yet?” I asked with a sweeping hand gesture past the beer taps in the Three Mariners (which opens for breakfast).
“Of course,” replied the young barman, then, “just let me ask to make sure.” Shit, I thought.

And, I was right.  After a quick consultation with the landlord he returned shaking his head. “Sorry, 10 o’clock.” I had to be in the starting corral for the Marathon at 9:45 so I left with nowt but the apple leftover from breakfast.


Three Mariners Tenby bar



After the run, I was still thirsty (of course — it takes it out of you, don’t you know), so I popped back in to find the place still relatively unpolluted by runners despite the close proximity to the finish. Very depressing this thing that has become of my lifelong hobby. [Note: I quite correctly typed ‘lifelong hobble’ but, as I intended to type ‘hobby,’ I made the change.]


Three Mariners Tenby rafters



Quite a friendly lot at this bar including a very nice off-duty barmaid as well as the original bearer-of-bad-news; they kept me entertained with a bit of goofy chat for as long as it took to de-cider my glass.  Properly marinated, I bid the Three Mariners and Tenby farewell.


Three Mariners Tenby




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