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Chats Bar Swindon sign

I was tidying up the old homestead following the move and went out for one last run in Swindon…not much as I was knackered but I was definitely going to make it a bar run no matter what.  The only one within 30 miles that I hadn’t already written up was going to be whatever dwelt inside the Marriott down the hill so I braced myself for the business hotel special … something with an especially egregious name like Fandangles or Scamps.  I trotted up to the building and realised the fiver I tucked into my sweats pocket had fallen out and I was without a way to pay for my drinks.  Well, of course there was always this option if one of the guests had a Postman Pat uniform I could borrow (Vine courtesy David Schneider’s Twitter feed):

I doubled back, instead, getting all the way inside the house before remembering that I took it out of the pocket and tucked it in the armband of my GPS device.  So, back I went happy that I could keep my virtue intact.

So, it was called Chats…Shats is more like it.  All the vile aspersions I have defended Swindon of were probably prompted by a visit to this dreadful little Airport Departures Lounge bar sans airport.  And, I suppose the denizens were all hotel guests visiting the Intel site adjacent (apparently visiting from 1986, as well, so nearly 5 years behind the rest of town).

I couldn’t leave like this.  I finished my Becks, returned to the house, packed my last few things, and headed to the Beehive for one, last good memory (and a stout).

Your map, here.

Chats Bar Swindon



Posted July 29, 2016 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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