August Pub Per Day / Garden Plans   1 comment

2016-07-31 garden 1

It will be weeks before we recover from this move.  Whilst making the house live able, we dug out some Atlanta music to get us back into the semi-urban groove.

Unpacking with Opal Foxx Quartet


I repaired the BBQ and cooked out some burgers and came up with the idea of hitting a Pub Per Day for the next month.  This differs from a Pub Everyday in that it is an average and allows me to do things where I don’t have to find a new pub one day and make up for it with two on a subsequent day.  Stay tuned.

2016-07-31 garden gnomes


The garden has come together.  I have hauled the trophy in the photo around for years intending to melt it down and cast something in the silver.  The recipient was an evil sack of shit who fucked his daughter and sired a child in the bargain (which would be my oldest nephew if I hadn’t disowned the whole white trash lot of my sister’s brood).  In the meantime, I’m using it as the Third Gnome in the garden.  Edie seems to approve:

2016-07-31 garden 5



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