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Middlesex Arms Ruislip sign

I queued up at the bar although there was room next to the fat guy reading the Weekend Sport.  Okay, that’s not entirely accurate: you kind of have to know what the Weekend Sport consists of and the best introduction to it would be the Sunday Sport, a soft core pornographic weekly with some text thrown in (regularly includes a nipple count on front page, and great articles like these ‘weep for humanity’ gems).  So, my opening line should read, I queued up at the bar although there was room next to the fat guy because he was looking at the Weekend Sport.

Middlesex Arms Ruislip bar

The rest of the Middlesex Arms seemed civilised, though, and I took my Lancaster Bomber on a tour of the huge estate pub that I reckon to be either immediately pre- or post-war, but not many years either side.  There’s some great deco-style glass around the bar and everyone should be familiar with my appreciation for pub carpeting.

Middlesex Arms Ruislip lounge

The rugby was on telly but most of the clientele was outside, as you might expect on a sunny, late July afternoon.  It is a Greene King house, judging from the menus (so no real need to rush over for a meal).  Near South Ruislip Station, here.

Middlesex Arms Ruislip


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