Swallow, Hillingdon, Middlesex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 1)   2 comments


Swallow Hillingdon


It was raining lightly as I alighted the bus at the Swallow but, no matter, the door was a mere 20 steps away.  This was the first (and probably going to be the easiest to reach) of the 31 (or more) pubs for August.


Swallow Hillingdon bar


Inside, I found a proper neighbourhood pub — a local that reflects its surroundings.  Worn, to be sure, but friendly, clean, and busy.  The Irish landlady was a nice touch since the Borough features an unusually high number of Irish folk (not faux Irish the way every American south of Boston and east of Denver wants to bang on about being, but actually born there and sporting the leprechaun accent and all).  It’s also nice to go into a place and find that it is an actual Irish pub without effort or pretense nor any need for any of that gosh-and-begorrah-to-be-sure-to-be-sure-diddle-dee-dee-potato nonsense (see another grand, authentic example a few miles away in the Man of Aran).


Swallow Hillingdon ducks 1


And, there were ducks.  I dig ducks.  I think I’ve mentioned this in this blog before and people who know me well might be sick of hearing about it or, at least, concerned for my mental health because of it.  The rain and wind had increased while I downed my Doom Bar and the path I planned to run meant 30 minutes wet, windy jogging.  Fine weather for ducks.

At Hillingdon Station, here.


Swallow Hillingdon ducks 2


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