White Bear, Ruislip, Middlesex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 3)   2 comments

White Bear Ruislip sign


Leg two of my run home took me from the Coach and Horses past four other pubs I’ve never seen before (this house move is a good thing) but I could resist no more as I started to make the turn by the White Bear.  I ordered a Windsor & Eton Firefly and headed toward the garden as the house seemed focused on food and most of the diners seemed either middle-class or middle-class wannabees.  This appeared to be by design, I realised, as I was stopped by a ‘head waiter’ stroke ‘gatekeeper’ as I approached the end of the bar.

“Can I help?” she asked in a tone that expressed her true meaning: “Just where the fuck do you think you’re travelling, Baldrick?”

I pointed to the door in the corner and held up my fogged glasses to the bespectacled troll; “I was hoping to go to the garden.  It looks like a door over there, but I’m blind without these…see how they’re fogged over?”  Begrudgingly, Wee Jimmie Krankie stepped aside but then actually tailed me, step-for-step, as far as the door.

The lesson here: even if you have two PhD’s, a professional engineer’s license, a research post at Oxford, and a better command of the native tongue than most of the people round these environs, none of that matters at the White Bear … if you don’t drive up in a new motor and have a reservation then you should learn where the servants’ entrance is.

Mapped here.


White Bear Ruislip


2 responses to “White Bear, Ruislip, Middlesex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 3)

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  2. Love The White Bear. I will be posting about them on my Love Ruislip Instagram, twitter and Facebook page.


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