Horseshoe, South Harrow, Middlesex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 4)   1 comment

Horseshoe South Harrow

Inside the Horseshoe reminds me a lot of the Golden Nugget and the Silver Room, both in Tucson.  Some of it is the spread of professional drinkers and some is just the atmosphere (the massive bar with the simple but ample spirits prominently highlighted — and surprisingly tidy — also add to this impression).  But, the flashback seemed almost more chemical than nostalgia.

I pulled up to the southernmost end of the bar and got a pint of Doom Bar.  About halfway into the house, the scene you see here:

Horseshoe South Harrow ceiling

extends at least as far in the opposite direction.  “Is it raining out?” the barmaid asked while I gawked at the mugs.

“Sprinkling…[gasp]…just started…[wheeze]…won’t last,” I said as I was still catching my breath.
“I was wondering if it was or if you had been out running.”
“I often wonder that, myself.  Obviously, you’ve seen me run.”


The music on my entrance seemed to be some Irish Republican hymn which was followed by the paedo-creepy, “Happy Birthday, Sweet 16” mad all the more surreal by me being the youngest bloke in the house.  I became obsessed when the next thing on was “Johnny Come Home” by Fine Young Cannibals (who is programming the jukebox here, I wondered).

I was nearly finished when what I reckoned to be some Emerson Lake and Palmer came up. No. Ha!  It’s Meat Loaf…and like a Bat Out of Hell I jogged on.

{August 2016 Pub Per Day Challenge pub #4, overall pub #1516}



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