Captain Morgan’s Freehouse, Eastcote, Middlesex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 12)   1 comment

Captain Morgan's Eastcote

The August 2016 Pub Per Day Challenge has a running component to it so I had a 3-or-more-mile trot to fit in which made Eastcote a good turnaround point.  Captain Morgan’s was there at precisely the 1.6 mile mark with a Guinness for the price of 10p per 1/10th of a mile (£3.20) for the overall effort.

There was some loud guy in there at a table with a bunch of other guys who each in turn hastily took their leave as soon as the finished their beers.  Apparently he drives for a living because when he’s on the road he “doesn’t have to fucking get a fucking hotel not with that great fucking van and don’t have to waste fucking money on fucking eating out like just fucking today I had a fucking great big steak right out of a fucking tin and some smash from a fucking bag heated on the fucking engine then some fucking Frosties with milk for fucking dessert.”  Sounds like the fucking life.  I took my fucking leave as soon as I drained my fucking Guinness, but only ’cause I was fucking in a fucking great hurry.  I really fucking wanted to hear some fucking more.


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