Pinner Arms, Pinner, Middlesex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 14)   1 comment

Pinner Arms, Pinner

Buried in a residential neighbourhood, the Pinner Arms looks like a pre-war roadside pub and, in fact, that’s what it was meant to be.  The events of 1939, when it was completed, meant that the by-pass it was built to serve was never finished.

The couple out front who were obviously meeting for something like a date (and who I was sitting near whilst enjoying this 2nd running break and a pint of London Pride) were talking about two different things; he was on about his week and hobbies and social interests while she banged on about real estate (she is an estate agent) and what the market is like in the area and how much she could move this or that house for just a few months ago.  That said, she seemed to be a bit more desperate to [ahem] close this deal than he did; soon enough, my glass was empty and I was back on the run safely out of earshot of that cloying, needy laughter.

Another August 2016 Pub Per Day tick mark.


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