Fox and Geese, Ickenham, Middlesex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 15)   4 comments


Fox and Geese Ickenham


The Interwebs said that the Fox and Geese had reopened in the last year after a year’s worth of renovation and it did have that new-car-smell that fresh carpentry, paint and modern furnishings affords. But, I have to admit that my dread at entering a tidy pub was unfounded as the mother-daughter landladies and the suburban punters were all especially accommodating and the beer was reasonably priced and well-kept.



Fox and Geese Ickenham flooring


I was especially impressed with the flooring (something of a fetish of mine, I’m afraid). The bare wood was spectacular — perfectly restored and, yet, still bearing the signs of many more years distress than the short time since re-opening justifies. The carpet is lighter than most pubs but gives a nod to the more traditional patterns meant to hide all manner of spillages.

Oh, they also have the largest Bassett Hound in the country (well worth a visit just for this).  This has been yet another August 2016 Pub Per Day entry.

Fox and Geese Ickenham sign



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