George, Ruislip, Middlesex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 17)   1 comment

George Ruislip sign


My third stop on the day’s run (first was the Fox and Geese followed immediately by the Soldier’s Return) was at the north end of Ruislip after a little bit of neighbourhood exploration. The George loomed large and eerily uninhabited in appearance from the front. However, you can’t get in from the front and once you find the car park it is easy to join the teeming horde within.


George Ruislip looks like Tesco Extra

The pub is definitely a Harvester but a bit older than most of the estate-servicing ones I’ve been affronted with these last few years, such as this long list of awful venues:

The Harvester in Blunsdon
The Old Castle in Salisbury
The Harvester by The Link in Swindon
The Bridge in Wheatley
The King’s Arms in Gosford (not to be confused with the spectacular King’s Arms a few hundred meters away)
The Grove in Swindon

I’ve grown to loathe the Harvester chain, a point which made this one a pleasant find even if it does look like a Super Tesco from the right angle (see above).  Every little helps.

Right…this is also part of the August 2016 Pub Per Day Challenge.

George Ruislip




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