Soldier’s Return, Ickenham, Middlesex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 16)   2 comments

Soldier's Return Ickenham sign


“Pint of the Rosie’s Pig, please.” At that, the landlord turned the pump clip around.
“Sorry, just ran out.” Shit. Strike one. I got a Thatcher’s Trad, instead.

Heading out front to enjoy the fresh air and the passing traffic I found every table occupied. Whiffffff.  Strike two.


Soldier's Return Ickenham garden

Back inside, I took a stool at an empty table and reached over for the Evening Standard folded up there.

“Oy! That’s my paper!” I tilted my head and squinted at the guy until the ball went just foul along the third base line: “I mean, go ahead, mate. I just need it back before I leave.  Promised it to my wife, she said to pick her one up when I was in the city today, she did.”  I smiled and replied, “oh, it doesn’t matter, it was just to give me something to do with my hands.”  I spotted the sign pointing to the beer garden and took the intentional walk.

Soldier's Return Ickenham from garden

Wow, I don’t know WHERE that long baseball metaphor came from. Maybe it was the Canadian landlord but I could as easily have gone with bad things coming in 3’s.

Nothing wrong with the Soldier’s Return, though, as a bar. It is easily the most perfect one I’ve found so far (during the August 2016 Pub Per Day Challenge, anyway). Great bunch of folks inside, lovely park side beer garden, decent selection of beers and ciders, and the building reveals its age when you look around a bit (something I find especially compelling).

Soldier's Return Ickenham


2 responses to “Soldier’s Return, Ickenham, Middlesex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 16)

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