Orchard, Ruislip, Middlesex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 19)   2 comments

Orchard Ruislip

Following on from the Immigrant Paranoia rant last night (sorry about that), a lot of the xenophobia that grips Britain these days has to do with white people.  Polish immigrants are quite often reviled for coming in here with their fucking skills and their work ethic…bastards.  But, these new Polish immigrants find some of their hardest critics amongst the Poles that came as refugees during WW2. Swindon had a rift between Old and New Poles, so this is something I’m pretty familiar with.

Orchard Ruislip Spitfire


The Orchard is a huge pub and now also houses a Premier Inn.  In the 40’s, it also billeted the Polish Airmen known as the most fierce and fearless of the Battle of Britain pilots.  There’s a memorial to them that I quite like at the SE corner of Northolt RAF Base and there was a sculpture of a Spitfire in place here serving the same purpose (until it was stolen and never again seen a short while after dedication).  The scale model of the Spitfire that replaces it is held in something of a concentration camp for its own protection.


The pub was also a whorehouse in the 30’s and a jackets-and-ties-required restaurant in the 50’s.  On this day, it is also an entry in the August 2016 Pub Per Day Challenge.

Orchard Ruislip Polish Aviators plaque



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