Liquor Station, Wembley, London ( #August2016PubPerDay number 20)   3 comments

Liquor Station Wembley sign

Walking home from registering with my new GP, I spotted Wembley Stadium on the horizon.  After the unfavourable comparison of Wembley to Ruislip by my barmate last night, I decided to go have a look for myself seeing as it is just over there.  As I suspected, the comparison was hardly fair.


Wembley Stadium from Ruislip

The town IS much browner than our little village and this results in a lot of shops with Indian names or Caribbean colours and smells; few are opting for English (with the exception of the Caribbeans) preferring instead one or another of the Pakistani, Indian, Tamil tongues or Polish (because there are some white people around…mostly in the pub), and for some of the Africans, French.  It’s an immigrant neighbourhood but the area is also 10 times the size and 50 times more densely populated than Ruislip so the expectation of a ‘traditional English’ setting would be nearly as horrifying and alien to my Ruislipian friend if ‘all the migrants just fucked off back where they came from.’

Liquor Station Wembley garden


The real immigration issue should be, as always, what effect the new populace has on the drinks industry.  It was hard to find a pub on my walk from Sudbury Town Underground to Wembley Central — there was one at the start, and an Irish place just as I started hitting Lahore Central, but thereafter it was fairly dry.  A few blocks past the tube stop I finally found the Liquor Station which used to be the Post Office (not the Post Office Pub but the actual Post Office).

Liquor Station Wembley bar

Inside, the bar is fairly nice but the one ale pump was dry.  “We have bottles, but only the Brown” offered the Romanian bartender, blissfully unaware of the thoughts I was trying to organise for this posting.  I opted for a lager, feeling an exiled kinship with Australians who, like most of the early settlers of Georgia, were prisoners dumped in an inhospitable environment — yeah, the English did that and, save for the Europeans here, did even more for the population of Wembley.  Chickens…roost.  Or, for the white folks: horse…Brexit door.

For me, this is another of the August 2016 Pub Per Day Challenge entries.

Liquor Station Wembley




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