Gardeners Arms, Uxbridge, Middlesex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 26)   1 comment

Gardeners Arms Uxbridge


Warm, summer day out for a run after the dreadful Red Lion, I pushed a little harder than normal to reach the Gardeners Arms.  It was worth the effort.

“Izzit hot out?” the postie asked this sweaty American.

“I think it might be raining,” I answered.  The barmaid, setting aside her shot (of Sambuca with something orange floated above it) for a moment, added, “can’t you see he’s been swimming?”

“You’ve been running, haven’t you?  The Old Bill after you?”  You know you’ve found a decent bar when everyone is so bored with each other that they pile on the first stranger to come along.


Gardeners Arms Uxbridge bar

I went out and, in turn, half the assembly came out to chat; one of them picked up the copper line of inquiry and told a fucking funny story about some guy that dashed in and hid out with The Man in hot pursuit.  I could easily have stayed the night except I had a delivery scheduled for 8 pm back in Ruislip (but this is definitely one to return to).  The menu board looked awesome and several tables of feasters were digging into plates piled with delicious looking and smelling treats.  Oh, yeah, and the drunks are awesome.

The short run to the Uxbridge Tube Stop cleared my head a bit and I remembered that I’m documenting my Underground experiences as well.  The Uxbridge Station is just like an abattoir.  This posting, on the other hand, is just like another in the series “August 2016 Pub Per Day.”

Uxbridge tube

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