Red Lion and Pineapple, Acton, London ( #August2016PubPerDay number 24)   1 comment

Red Lion & Pineapple Acton


You spend an hour-and-a-half jogging to find one pub and two come along at once. Actually, many more than two but these both serve at the bar from 9 am, the second of which is the Red Lion and Pineapple.



Red Lion & Pineapple Acton cider


It seems ages since I last refreshed myself in a Red Lion (in fact, it was as recently as the 11th of May in Holborn, then 11 September 2015 before that in Drayton and 48 in total including this one). In the absence of an explanation for the Pineapple I’ll assume it has something to do with making an excretion more palatable to the ladies (and selected gentlemen).



Red Lion & Pineapple Acton floral tribute


Acton town is very international, from the Polish bartender’s refusal to speak to the Irish customer about how nice he’s finding the conversation in the pub to the garland left in front by the Indian family passing by.

And, from my seat I can see at least 4 future pub crawls’ worth of pubs. Some of these, like the RL&P, might make it onto the August 2016 Pub Per Day Challenge list.


Red Lion & Pineapple Acton windows


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