Red Lion, Hillingdon, Middlesex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 25)   2 comments

Red Lion Uxbridge sign


The Red Lion is my favourite pub name although I’ve had quite shitty experiences in them from time to time.  This one, in Hillingdon, is one of the nicer old venues with the exception of the annoying twat that manages the place (I suspect it is this guy from the Black Horse in Gozzards Ford, to be quite honest).  Since the beer was good — albeit highly overpriced — I had to look elsewhere for my criticism.  And there before me was a window with a fantastic device to allow it to unobtrusively prop open were it not painted shut.  Even so, the woodwork was infiltrated with water such that the paint below had chipped off (there, dickhead, cop a superior attitude, now).


Red Lion Uxbridge is classy


You enter the hotel either from the bar or on the other side of the funeral parlor.  Perhaps there’s an answer to where all the flowers are from.

Yet another August 2016 Pub Per Day post.


Red Lion Uxbridge and funeral parlor

Follow-up: Dashed off a note to the new management at the Black Horse (mentioned in this write-up).  Have not yet received a reply:

I went to the Black Horse once ages ago (March 2012).  Just curious: did your former manager move to the Red Lion in Hillingdon by any chance?  If it isn’t him, we must stop whoever is breeding them then releasing them into the wild.


2 responses to “Red Lion, Hillingdon, Middlesex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 25)

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