Run 2016-08-14: Wetherspoons in Ealing and Acton   3 comments

2016-08-14 run Grand Union Canal

The longest run since the Wales Marathon was planned for about 12 miles Sunday morning.  I didn’t want to carry a map so I memorised a few landmarks and hoped for a bit of a break in the cloud cover to help with dead reckoning.  Fortunately, I can smell an early pouring license from 10 miles, which helped the navigation to the Sir Michael Balcon.

2016-08-14 run Ealing map

I did get a bit lost a couple of times around Northolt and again around Hanger Lane.  There was an especially dodgy bit of factory estate I slipped through in Ealing but soon after it turned into a very safe looking middle-class area with a lot of gated communities to keep the likes of your humble reporter (and other such scum) out.

Soon after that, I found the first of my pubs just a bit before this great mile marker.  The second fell just after.

2016-08-14 run Ealing

I thought I found a Ed the 8th post box after the second pub, but it was a dead common E-VII.

2016-08-14 run Ed7 postbox Acton

A compelling burger joint appeared on the way to the Tube, next to a tall drag queen:

2016-08-14 run Harry's Bar

14 miles, overall and it felt good to be back at it.



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