Sir Michael Balcon, Ealing, London ( #August2016PubPerDay number 23)   3 comments

Sir Michael Balcon Ealing


A man with an overhanging gut you can place furniture on, architect Michael Balcon gave his name to the famous cantilevered precipice that substitutes for a garden in modern flats.  Look it up: Balcony (adj.) — rather like Balcon.

Or, seeing as this is Ealing, maybe the pub is named after Daniel Day-Lewis’ grandfather the producer of films including “The 39 Steps,” “Whiskey Galore,” “Kind Hearts and Coronets,” “Passport to Pimlico,” and (despite the suggestive title NOT pornographic) “A Yank at Oxford.”


Sir Michael Balcon Ealing beer


I had been running with this as my target pub for more than an hour and was very close to capitulating when I spotted the ‘Spoons delivery van outside.  I took my hoppy, citric, Hogs Back with the clever name out to the balcony and enjoyed a brief, Sunday morning idyll.  Ahh, civilization.

Okay, I’m pretty sure I invented the architect Balcon.  I know I invented the August 2016 Pub Per Day Challenge, of which this is an entry.

Sir Michael Balcon Ealing balcony


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