Ward’s, Harrow, Middlesex and the 2016 Olympics ( #August2016PubPerDay number 27)   2 comments

Ward's Harrow-on-the-Hill windows

The first pour of my Guinness was settling in Ward’s, a simple — and simply glorious — one room bar.  The bartender (I think this may have been the licensee, as well) smiled as she cocked her head and said, “tree faerty, please.”  I felt a bit lighter and not just because I was handing over £3.40 in small change: an Irish accent makes me melt.  This one was a bit different from the one at the Man of Aran but I have no way of knowing if it is a regional difference or if one or the other has smoothed out a bit during their respective English exiles.  No matter.  The scattering of fellows inside all sounded like her, as well, and our attention turned to the telly once the pummeling of the Irish badminton duo was complete.


Ward's Harrow-on-the-Hill

I hadn’t watched the Olympics at all this year, but that’s not unusual.  Here’s the long, tedious version of why….

I don’t remember Rome ’64, but was rapt, as only a child could be, with Mexico City ’68 and Munich ’72.  Between the terrorism at Munich and the (now quaint) political ugliness of the ensuing 3 years in the States, I was more focused on real politics, my own meager athleticism, and powerful psychedelics and really give a shit about Montreal ’76.  Moscow ’80 suffered from the (now ironic) boycott over the invasion of Afghanistan, and no one should give a shit what goes on in Los Angeles, not even Angelinos.  Barcelona, Sydney, Seoul?  Were these even Olympic cities?  1988, ’92, 2000, 2004, and 2008 didn’t register at all.

I thought Atlanta ’96 might bring me back into the spirit but my lab was in the middle of the Georgia Tech venues and tending my bugs was a complete logistical pain in the ass as I daily crossed multiple security zones to get to what would have been the ideal snipers’ nest inside a building full of some of the most toxic and potentially explosive chemicals in the region.  I did get a cheap thrill with the London 2012 games being here and all, but except for a few hours of track, horse dancing, and gymnastics I still couldn’t be arsed.  My only mentions of them were posts on Olympics-themed beer and a pub I visited the day after the closing ceremony.

And, so it is again, this year as the highlight for me will be hanging out with 3 Irishmen and an Irish bartender watching a bit of the RTÉ coverage as an Irish boxer lost a rigged decision.  Their quiet outrage at the situation was endearing and eventually one of them said something about the judges all being paid off by the Russians.  “Corruption in boxing?” I chimed in.  “What’s the world coming to?”

Oh, yeah…blah-blah-blah August 2016 Pub Per Day Challenge.



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