Britannia, Borough, London ( #August2016PubPerDay number 38)   1 comment

Britannia Borough London sign


Wandering out of London Bridge Station I found the Post Office and did business there then laughed at the Guy’s Hospital and headed directly over to the Borough Market by the most direct route I knew.  So, there I was, lost and not really sure which way to go when, like a beacon, the Britannia appeared before me.


Britannia Borough London dark IPA and rye beer taster

The kid tending had good taste in music.  A Zombies cut was playing when I came in and asked for a cider the keg of which needed changing.  Rather than make him rush off, I opted for the dark IPA but he gave me a taster of the rye beer on tap as well.  Desolation Row came on the tannoy as he left to do the cellar work.

We talked about the Olympics: in women’s beach volleyball the German team is apparently worth catching a glimpse of.  Sympathy for the Devil was next as he gave me directions to my food stop — exactly the opposite direction from the way I thought.

The August 2016 Pub Per Day Challenge has finished as an average of 1 per day; however, it lives on as long as I can do at least one EACH day in August.  This is one of today’s.

Britannia Borough London





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