Rising Sun, Sudbury, London ( #August2016PubPerDay number 33)   1 comment

Rising Sun Sudbury London

When I passed the Rising Sun earlier, I thought it was just an Indian restaurant but I spotted the small sign saying that the bar was open around the side; so, I took a shot and was treated to the most Atlanta/Athens-like experience I’ve had since moving to England.

The bar was dingy with a heavy-duty, professional drinker helping to hold it upright (I do love a dive and its denizens) so that was good to start with.

One of the guys was a twitchy Asian dude that looked like a bounty hunter or a private detective (or some other disgraced copper’s 2nd career).  He had a couple of sips off a Fosters in the ten minutes he was there then spotted someone back in the kitchen and beckoned him for some small talk before asking fairly pointed questions about Person X (like, does he still come around here, have you seen him or his buddy Person Y…that sort of thing).  Then, he asked if he could store his beer in the fridge while he nipped out for a minute during which time the staffer called Person Z to tell them about the guy interested in X and Y.

The Olympics were on one tele with the sound down, the other had REM videos with the sound way up.

Rising Sun Sudbury London bar and into dining

As soon as the Process Server was gone, another old guy emerged from the shadows and asked the bartender if he would have to pay for his next pint.  This just sounded like drunk talk (sweet, beautiful, drunk talk), so I glanced up while the banter continued to see this octogenarian joker in a flannel shirt open to his navel so you could see the frilly, lime green brassière he was wearing.

See what I mean Atlanta and Athens peeps?  I’m home.

(So far, the best of the August 2016 Pub Per Day Challenge)

Rising Sun Sudbury London graffiti

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