Yard, Sudbury, London ( #August2016PubPerDay number 34)   1 comment

Yard Sudbury London


I almost feel like some of the pubs up here in the Northwest outskirts of London ought to be part of the Occasional Irish Pub Crawl instead of this one; in fact, quite a few of them.  I walked into the Yard (formerly Gerry Macs) and the room fell silent and all turned my way but I ordered a Guinness confidently despite standing there soaked with sweat and panting and they soon went back to talking about the horse racing on tele.


Yard Sudbury London hurling


So, I thought I might as well push my luck and go full-blown tourist on the house, so they’d have something to talk about.  I took several shots of the Hurler’s Prayer.  Jackie knows hurling exists but has never seen it; despite this, every expatriated Irishman she meets she asks, “can ye hurl, lad?”  So, this was for her.


Yard Sudbury London wall mandala

Mandal of the GAA, so they probably have Gaelic football on the tele, too

For me, I went with the pub carpet (a sick fixation of mine).  This is an especially horrible example which I might set as a Windows Desktop on one of the lab computers:

Yard Sudbury London carpet

The fellas seemed to know what the jockeys were doing wrong.  I don’t think this knowledge is borne of experience, though.

‘To be shore, to be shore…diddle-dee-dee, potato.’  That’s the extent of the Irish I know, so I can’t translate “August 2016 Pub Per Day Challenge” into Gaelic for you.

Yard Sudbury London horse racing fans


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