Tichenham Inn, Ickenham, Middlesex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 41)   1 comment

Tichenham Inn Ickenham sign


If Breakspear Road had been open, I would have arrived at the Tichenham Inn just ahead of the rain.  Instead, there were crew men working on the gas lines in front of the crematorium and I couldn’t pass.  “Road’s closed mate.  Says so on the sign.”  “This sign?” I asked, indicating the one that says the road will be closed daily from 22:00 til 06:00; “says you should be 3 hours away from here.”  “We should probably get that changed?”  They finish work tomorrow, the corrected sign would be ready in a couple of weeks.

Britain, eh?

Tichenham Inn Ickenham bar


The heavens opened and I took the long way around past a landfill and a recycling centre.  Eventually, I entered the Tich soaked to the bone.  I ordered a Harviestoun, but it was still settling.  Opting for another guest ale (something citrus flavoured), I counted out the £2.65 and the manager asked for £2.49.  I pointed out his error and he replied, “oh, one of the PREMIUM beers.”

Tichenham Inn Ickenham rain

The rain ceased and I asked for a napkin to dry my glasses (having drained my glass).  It was a little less than two miles to the house; I would be dry and having breakfast by 10.

Tichenham Inn Ickenham


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