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Ruislip Station looking east

A morning on the Ruislip westbound platform.  There’s a grand foot bridge looking the other direction but the glare of the sun precluded a decent shot.  The nearest decent shot of liquor would be the Crock of Gold, around the corner.

Harrow-on-the-Hill station

Harrow-On-The-Hill is down at the bottom of said hill.  You can catch a real train here, or switch to the Metropolitan line heading to Watford, or you can go to a fantastic, secret little Irish local called Ward’s or the much less interesting (or fun) Royal Oak.

Finchley Road Tube

Here’s a pro-tip: know the stations nearby if you are going to have to change Tube lines.  I just missed a northbound Jubilee train at Kilburn which would have allowed me to change to the Metropolitan line at Wembley Park, 4 stations along.  The next train was in 7 minutes but there was a Southbound pulling up as I reached the platform so 2 stops down I caught a Finchley Road and immediately boarded a Metropolitan (next stop Wembley Park…I actually arrived ahead of the Jubilee train I missed).

Digital commute

Look at these dickheads.  Just look at them.  This is a composite of three shots and the ones at the seams haven’t moved nor has the woman on the far left (third shot but whose reflection can be seen in the first, on the right).





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