Greenwood Hotel, Northolt, Middlesex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 42)   2 comments

Greenwood Hotel Northolt sign



Looked at the map before leaving the flat for a Sunday morning run and found my way to the Greenwood Hotel just fine, and, in fact, found my way from there to my first turn after.  Then, it went tits up.  A 7½ mile planned run became 12½ in reality and the only up side is I got to see a lot of new territory and piece it together with some now familiar bits.




Greenwood Hotel Northolt Lambet Walk Porter 69


The target I DID hit was the Greenwood Hotel, a house I tried to get to Thursday evening but got lost on the way (yeah, there’s a theme).

The space is stunning but it should be having just reopened in July after six years closed and an incredibly detailed and expensive refurbishment.  I would have thought the manager of such a fantastic venue would take more pride in it, though: gorgeous though it was, the mirrors behind the bar looked like dogs had been dragging their noses across and the floor was stickier than a late 70’s porn theatre floor (don’t judge me…when you’ve got a projectionist’s union card and debts to dangerous people, you do what you got to do).


Greenwood Hotel Northolt bar

But, the Lambeth Walk Porter was sublime and the traditional breakfast the filthy sod running the place SHOULD have been tucking into (AFTER dragging a mop across the floors and giving the bar glass a wipe).

Greenwood Hotel Northolt


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