Fat Cow, Denham, Buckinghamshire ( #August2016PubPerDay number 47)   1 comment

Fat Cow Denham sign


Denham is fairly friendly but why wouldn’t it be.  Affluent, largely youngish-but-middle-aged, lot’s of them seem to be early retired…must be nice.  I ran up from Uxbridge after my brief stop at the Crown and Treaty and found one fantastic beer on the pump here at the Fat Cow (although I suspect there must be more, maybe around the dining area side of the bar).


Fat Cow Denham beer


There was also a territorial little terrier at the bar and an absolutely bomb proof larger dog splayed out in front of the door.  I like pub animals, and if you aren’t going to have a pub cat this is the sort of alternative you should go for:


Fat Cow Denham dog


Everyone seemed to know everyone else.  A car pulled into the driveway across from me and the guy at the table nearby staggered over; “I’m just having a little drink with my new neighbours here and I can’t remember their names.  Would you like to come and have a drink and help me extract that, again?” The passenger accepted this invite and soon the driver, the cartoon drunk’s cousin (whose name he also couldn’t remember) soon came over, too.  The rain returned as well, so I had to leg it.


Fat Cow Denham



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