Aquarius Fish and Chips, Hayes, London   2 comments

Aquarius Fish & Chips cod

In the Aquarius fish bar, I probably should have opted for plaice or haddock as the cod had no flavour at all, which is a shame since it was prepared perfectly with crisp batter sealed around the firm packet of fish steamed in its own broth. But, nothing. It was nourishing, sure; but, even drenched with vinegar like I like it there was nothing.


Aquarius Fish & Chips blanched chips


I still had a bit of mileage to do after Ye Crowne and the Carpenter’s (and another pint still to quaff), so I didn’t order any of the chips (which were steaming in vats on the counter after their initial blanchings). They taunted me with their potential deliciousness, but then again: so did the fish. Maybe they need to add beef drippings or something to the cooking fats, or try a little more interesting batter.


Aquarius Fish & Chips


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