Brookhouse, Hayes, London ( #August2016PubPerDay number 50)   1 comment

Brook House sign


I finished the fish from Aquarius on the stroll up to the Brookhouse and would normally have expected the snack after the first 4 miles of the night’s run to leave me extra thirsty but I only went in because I happened to be there (and, I needed the loo).  The window over the urinal had this snide sticker on it:


Brook House drinks not drunks

Heh-heh. It says, “doo-doo.”

A little late to invoke that rule, I thought … at first just about myself but as the minutes passed in the large (but still much smaller than the Public Bar) lounge and I listened to an old couple get increasingly sloshed.

Brook House drunks and drinks

A delivery fellow of some south Asian descent came in and asked for the loo.  The old couple stopped their jovial conversation with the 20-something lad trapped at their table and glared as delivery-piss-man tried the door to the next room (that the bartender pointed him to) and found it locked.  I pointed through the door next to me; “I can see it from here, try this way.”  I smiled at the old bird as the bursting bladder rushed by with a “thank you” and a nod.

“Fucking Indians don’t know how to take fucking directions.”  I think that’s what she said…it transliterated as, “fusching in shands dunnahoo (burp) tay kuh fugdireshenns.”  Then, she got up to buy another round.  If they aren’t considered ‘drunks,’ I should be welcome back.

Brook House


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