Baker Street to White City via Kensal Green and the Grand Union Canal   2 comments

2016-08-26 Baker Street to White City run


Fridays are turning into my weekly City run as I stay on the coach from Oxford down to, yesterday, Baker Street.  From the stop, York Street to Chapel dumped me on the wharf of the Grand Union Canal, the towpath of which was crowded but not nearly so much as I expected on a warm Friday evening of a Bank Holiday weekend.  I’m already planning to do this as a much longer run within the next year as well as completing the missing segments of the Thames Path (since I got a good start on it from the source to below Didcot over the last few years).

The Notting Hill Carnival is this weekend so barricades were going up in Ladbroke Grove up to about the end of Kensal Green Cemetery.  Still, the corral effect didn’t make the other pedestrians much more of a hazard than they typically are.  After that, the run down Scrubs Lane made me feel pretty nostalgic for Atlanta — not the Atlanta of magnolias and “hey y’all,” but industrial hell hole Atlanta … Knight Park and Cabbagetown.  Gorgeously blighted.  Also, I was primed for this after my beer choice in the Union Tavern, a Five Points Pale, referred to two different areas in old Marthasville.

My map showed HM Prison Wormwood Scrubs*, the Victorian prison that once housed Pete Doherty and that featured in the Ronnie Barker series Porridge, but I’ll have to go back for the architectural splendor (you can’t see it from the road I was on).  You also can’t see a pub from White City Station, either; the nearest one was the Pavillion, a half mile before.

*If it isn’t in your head, already, The Jam’s “Down in the Tube Station at Midnight” also has a Wormwood Scrubs reference.

Pavillion Shepherds Bush White City Tube Station


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