Mason’s Arms, Kensal Green, London ( #August2016PubPerDay number 52)   1 comment

Masons Arms Kensal Green


There was some issue with food at the Masons Arms when we visited Kensal Green Cemetery a few years ago (I think they weren’t serving till later that day or something), so this visit has been deferred the intervening three years.  It’s a gorgeous house, though, and we should have stuck around for drinks (seems we were ravenous on the day, though).


Masons Arms Kensal Green bar


They had the Lilley’s Mango Cider I love on tap but I think of this as a winter treat and today’s run was anything but wintery so I went for a craft lager, instead.  I’ve had Hells (Camden Town Brewery) before but it didn’t impress upon me enough to remember whether I like it or not.  It is frighteningly close to an industrial lager like Bud, Coors, or PBR with just a hint of iodine to indicate a foreign (but not American, at least) hop choice.  I’ll try not to make the same mistake yet another time.


Masons Arms Kensal Green beer


I was pretty pleased with the visit, for the most part, but as time wore on I became more and more anxious.  There was something too pat and perfectly staged and yuppie about the mise en scène.  I looked out to the beer garden and noted the pastel colours and the play area.  Uh oh…


Masons Arms Kensal Green lounge


…breeders.  I knew it.  Another blight on areas that become gentrified.  Oh, well.  This was fun while it lasted.  I guess.


Masons Arms Kensal Green breeders


Trying to drink up and fuck off out of here, another batch of them showed up.  What’s that collective noun?  Is it a ‘creche of breeders’ or some such?  I nearly ran into another pram as I left.  Jesus fucking Christ.


Masons Arms Kensal Green breeders 2



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