Pavillion, Shepherds Bush, London ( #August2016PubPerDay number 53)   1 comment

Pavillion Shepherds Bush


So, there I was (no shit) at the bar at the Pavillion standing next to a rough-looking local on my left and some fat Malaysian dude on my right.  The skinny local looked like he could be Vinnie Jones‘ more violent little brother; the Malaysian guy was getting a tray with 3 pints and 2 halves.  He paid then asked the bartender if she would mind carrying this to his table.  As they left, I looked at the hoodlum, squinted, pointed after the retreating pair and asked, “Da fuck was THAT all about?”  After he recovered from nearly choking on the beer that passed through his nose, he said something unintelligible and made a sign language gesture with his hands indicating that the tray is superfluous for a 3-and-2 order if you just use both hands and bunch everything together.  I lifted my beer to agree and went to watch traffic on Wood Lane from a window perch.

A guy in the lounge area was talking about some orange pain pills he had that he opted out of using because they made him goofy and he suspected that the relief they gave was prolonging his recovery (I didn’t hear what the injury was; I only started eavesdropping properly when pharmaceuticals came up).  “So, then, you’ve still got some of these?”  There was a pause, then the guys all laughed.  I hate that no one knows when I’m joking and when, as in this case, I’m not.


Pavillion Shepherds Bush bar



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