William Jolle, Northwood Hills, Middlesex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 54)   3 comments

William Jolle Northwood Hills


The last weekend of the August 2016 Pub Per Day Challenge is going to involve some breakfast pints at not-too-far from the house Wetherspoons and the nearest of these that I haven’t already ticked off the list turned out to be the William Jolle in Northwood Hills, about 3 miles away (so an easy out-and-back run for my weekend 5-or-6).  Apparently, Wetherspoons wants to sell it off but the community has banded together to block this fine bar becoming something other than what it seems meant to be.


William Jolle Northwood Hills beer


Redemption beers are usually a good choice and the Urban Dusk did not disappoint.  Just dark enough to give a burnt oak to toffee mouth and just viscous enough to feel filling for my nutritional needs, I need to remember this one.


William Jolle Northwood Hills bar


The pub is right next to the Northwood Hills Tube station which is on the same leg of the Metropolitan line that takes you to Watford.  I kind of like the surreal mural on the rail bridge: it goes with the weird vibe the town has (sort of David Lynch-y, like Twin Peaks before they started having dancing midgets speaking backwards).


William Jolle Northwood Hills from garden

The most disturbing part of the mural is this bit by the public toilets.  There’s the family walking down the secluded path with some freak lurking in the woods nearby (is that Will-I-Am?  That fucker is everywhere in the UK!) .  Creepy.

William Jolle Northwood Hills creepy mural


UPDATE 21 Nov 2016:






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