Last Post, Loughton, Essex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 56)   2 comments

Last Post Loughton sign


Last Post usually refers to the British Military’s version of Taps: the last thing you hear before “Lights Out!”  It is also used, as is Taps, for military funerals and I could see hints of that in the pub sign for The Last Post in Loughton, but the building is so obviously a re-purposed Post Office that I wonder how much of this is a pun … I looked the place up and found that it was built during the inter-war years so the dark humour of blowing the Last Post in honour of the War That Ended All Wars seems likely.  Or, maybe I’m stretching a bit.


Last Post Loughton beer

The beer was definitely to die for.  I had the darkest one I could find, nutty/woody and nice on the mouth and dirt cheap (like me!).


Last Post Loughton bar


There was a bunch of stuff on the wall about Mary Anne Clarke, courtesan and mistress of Frederick, Duke of York and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.  When she testified that she had been selling Officer Commissions to support their lavish lifestyle, Frederick split with her and set her up in a (then) remote country residence near the site of the pub.

But, I couldn’t tarry.  There was much more running and drinking to do this fine day.

Last Post Loughton



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