Old Maypole, Chigwell, Essex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 57)   1 comment

Old Maypole Chigwell sign


I was pleasantly surprised at the fine pub represented by the crappy sign out in front of the Old Maypole.  In fact, I probably would have gone somewhere else save for the fact that it was almost certainly the only place serving at 11 am (I had already tried the doors to several others earlier in the run).

“Proper Job, please,” I requested.
“I’m sorry…how’s that again?”
Thinking it was just my accent, I pointed. “A pint of this, please.”
“Ohhhh, Proper Job. That used to be Doom Bar. Pint of?”
“Sure, what-the-hell? It’s a Bank Holiday, right?”
“So, just a half, then?”
“Noooooo! Now you’re just fucking with me.”
She nodded and a guy walked behind her, stopped, frowned, turned the pump clip and asked, “Proper Job?”
“Everyone’s surprised,” I told him.
“No, I put this on last night.” They were just fucking with me.


Old Maypole Chigwell bouncy castle

Outside, there was a guy covered in tattoos and swimming in beer.  I nodded next to him and remarked, “worst…bouncy castle…EVER.”

“You’re an American, aren’t you?”
“Yes, yes, for a few more days.”
“Oh, your going home in a few days?”
“No, this is home. I’m becoming a citizen in a few days.”
“Well, what are you doing here, then?”
“Drinking beer. And, yourself?”
“No, I mean, what do you do to be here?”
“I work in a lab. Are you from the neighbourhood?”
“This one?”
“That’ll do, sure.”
“Yeah, I live right over there,” he waved the pint around in no general direction.
“All white? No, not any more,” he said ruefully.
“No, I mean since you were this big.” I held my hand down about 2 feet from the ground.
“Yeah, it was alright, then.”
“Because it was all white?”
“Look, mate, I don’t know where you get all this racist stuff….”  I didn’t know what was going on, now.
“No, no … you misunderstand.”
“Yeah? Where are you from in the US?”
“Right, I’ve been there.”
“What part?”
“What what?”
“Where, you know, in Atlanta?”
“The airport.”
“Oh, look at the time.”

Old Maypole Chigwell



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