Papermakers Arms, Ilford, Essex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 59)   1 comment

Papermakers Arms Ilford sign


Continuing my run to Barking, I decided to get off the main road and see a bit of the quieter side of Ilford.  Not far at all from the Great Spoon, a grand old back street boozer called the Papermaker’s Arms emerged.


Papermakers Arms Ilford bar


This was the shit…the good shit: a real pub, one like you imagine when you come over from the States for the first visit.  Bunch of blokes sitting around, talking coded business (I felt a bit guilty about calling it the Paper Hanger’s Arms in my notes), watching a bit of the cricket on telly or shooting a rack of billiards.


Papermakers Arms Ilford view


The view across the way was bleak: industrial hording on a vast, vacant lot adjacent to some Stalinist office buildings.  Sinatra was crooning, “Come Fly With Me,” and I noticed some very good, old metal columns that make me think the house is probably Edwardian at the latest but not much earlier than the late Victorian era.  I also was discombobulated by this framed photo (is that Hugh Laurie?) :


Papermakers Arms Ilford Hugh Laurie


Then, it was over.  My Carling drained (NOT a euphemism), I returned to the run.  The neighbourhood had a real familiar feel to it — a lot like home, the dying industrial sections of Atlanta where Jackie and I lived in the 1980s because that’s what we could afford … until the yuppies saw white people (or safe looking white people) living there and ‘gentrified’ the place out of the native price range.  I thought, we could probably afford to live over here, too.  I wonder how long it would remain charming to us before the middle class scum would start making it theirs.  We could probably make a tidy profit if we could live with ourselves taking their filthy lucre.


Papermakers Arms Ilford





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