Spotted Dog, Barking, Essex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 60)   2 comments

Spotted Dog Barking

The Spotted Dog is an old and beautiful pub in an old but not so charming — although I find it beautiful — part of Barking. Close enough to piss on from the front door, Wetherspoons opened a dreadful place called the Barking Dog. Tsk, tsk, ‘Spoons: the predatory location is bad enough but couple that with lack of imagination in the pub name and you should have been denied the license.


Spotted Dog Barking beer (2)


I got a very nice Czech yellow beer and headed out to what I immediately dubbed the 420 Garden because of the strong skunky whiffs emanating, I thought, from the two Polish guys off to the side. They seemed especially blatant about it, as well, but I soon realised the direction and speed of the winds helping me get the contact buzz wouldn’t have done so across the open expanse of the garden and into the little tree protected alcove I was holed up in.


Spotted Dog Barking garden


Turned out it was some native freaks in the little gazebo right next to me. How rude. No one offered any.


Spotted Dog Barking pot heads



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2 responses to “Spotted Dog, Barking, Essex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 60)

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