White Horse, Harrow, Middlesex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 61)   1 comment

White Horse Harrow sign


On a run from Harrow to the house, I was looking for another pub to add to the August 2016 Pub Per Day Challenge and thought I spotted a doozy in the form of the Half Moon not just for the sign but also the half-moon iron work on the roof. But, its transformation to ‘the Salt Bar’ put me off and I decided to delay the visit at least until I decided there was nothing better in the vicinity.



Half Moon Salt Bar Harrow


A 100 meters up the road, there was something probably better (but at the very least not too bad) in the form of the White Horse. I ordered a Chiswick and moved through the grand interior out to the equally grand garden.

There was a middle age couple and a lad of about 18 or 19 at the next picnic table over. They all seemed to know some of the same people — like a guy that married a New Yorker and is now unlikely to return from the States — but not much about each other (granted, this could be close family, too).  I eavesdropped for a while and took them to be mentors (maybe old teachers or former employers) or at least distant family members of the young fellow who was heading off to University possibly in the States or Canada.


White Horse Harrow garden


It’s that time of year, eh? Transformations, good or bad, are afoot and time marches on. The Half Moon may be waxing or waning, the kid may get shot in the head or suffer extreme frostbite and boredom. My beer may be empty or just pre-filled. One thing for certain: if you came here looking for deep, philosophical truths then you were a fool and no number of seasons passing are likely to change that. Shine on.

White Horse Harrow



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