Adam and Eve, Hayes, London   2 comments

Adam & Eve Hayes sign


Uxbridge Road in Hayes is rich with pubs so I am slowly working my way through them all.  Today, the pick was the splendid Adam & Eve.  Lager and industrial cider are the main fare (no real ales) but everything else about it is pure, traditional pub.


Adam & Eve Hayes bar


There’s an ancient and very decrepit terrier ruling the floor area.  A Korean lady in leather trousers that would have been tight if she was 2 stone lighter came in and started sorting cd’s, dvd’s or game disks then selling them off to a few of the punters.  Tables full of women seemed to have settled in for a few bevvies and an end-of-the-week natter.  Fellows at the bar and in the next booth from me cheered their horses to inevitable failure.  Everyone knew everyone, and no one knew me.


Adam & Eve Hayes lounge


I was taken, on arrival, by the art deco touches in the building but completely missed the Garden of Eden relief at the centre (only noticing it when reviewing the shots at the Walnut Tree, later in the day’s run).  I’ll try to remember to stop by for a follow-up photo next time I pass this way (of course, a full follow-up visit will be necessary…stay tuned).


Adam & Eve Hayes



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