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Walnut Tree Yeading sign


After yesterday’s dreadful and surreal experience at the Distillers and then starting my morning by getting shat upon by a pigeon a few steps off the bus in Oxford, I didn’t hold out high hopes for the evening run.  However, I was gifted a fine piece of instrumentation at work in the afternoon, had a traffic-free bus trip back to Hillingdon, and then found a brilliant pub (the Adam & Eve) and a delicious mid-run snack at Hattons Fish Bar.  Something had to give and it was with trepidation that I opened the door to the Walnut Tree.

It was GRAND.

Walnut Tree Yeading bar


I was soaked from the rain without and boiling sweat from within my dripping clothes.  Instead of the typical cliches (like, “Raining Out?”), the bartender just pointed at me and laughed.  This is excellent behaviour — albeit atypical in my limited British pub experience — and broke the ice with me and a couple of the barflies all of whom were friendly and funny and kept me entertained while she ran to the Lounge bar to fetch my London Pride.  This was a little foamy but it tasted perfect (no hint of the pipe cleaning compounds) and the foam fell away quickly.


Walnut Tree Yeading Biffa


Not that I’m going to do an obituary a day of strangers (after the streak start on Brownie’s dad, yesterday), but I really would like to add something about their Biffa.  He looks a right character, like most of the attendees on my visit.  Anyone out there have anything I can use for this?  I’ll append it here, if you do, and give you credit for the tip.  [UPDATE:  See comment by ‘milliem’ below for non-informative suggestion about the name that, because of the Viz attachment, is fockin’ funny, like.]

It had stopped raining by the time I headed out.  I could have run the two extra miles home, easily, but figured that my luck had returned and I opted to catch the next bus as there is one every 12 minutes. The next one arrived in 15 minutes (by which time I could have run home) and took another 30 to do the distance in the heavy traffic.  I think I’m breaking even on the day.


Walnut Tree Yeading

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  1. He’s probably named after Biffa Bacon who is a violent Geordie cartoon character who always ends up getting beaten up by his parents. Like here for example:

    Biffa reads the Guardian


    {Editorial note: second Viz related comment in as many hours, see post on the Fairway, Ruislip for the other one.}


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