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One Crown Watford


We went to Watford in search of storage solutions (shelf extenders, drawers to fit in cabinets, etc) then grabbed some lunch at an Italian place (Pepe Rosso) after some cemetery exploration whilst hunting non-chain food choices. Pepe Rosso was pretty good and reasonably priced (would have been even more so if we had known you can bring your own wine), and as it was early we decided to round off lunch with a round at the One Crown on the way to the train station.



Watford St Marys Graveyard George Edward Doney


It claims to be the oldest licensed pub in town and it has all the atmosphere you’d expect from a 16th century alehouse: close ceilings held up by heavy timbers, a simple single bar in an in-the-round layout. It was a bit dark inside so we took our drinks (wine and cider at a reasonable rate, no ales available) to the garden.


One Crown Watford bar


The garden has seen better days, but it was comfortable enough to sit in and watch the weather degrade. Definitely not for the posh, this space made me feel incredibly comfortable. Jackie pointed out its similarities to Talitha’s house in Atlanta and it soon reminded both of us of a dozen other bars and personal back yards from back in the day (back in the Olden Times, as the kids seem to say about anything before 2009).


One Crown Watford party time


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