Ruislip Social Club, Ruislip, Middlesex   1 comment

Ruislip Social Club

First visit to the Ruislip Social Club was tied to the Non League Day football match between Wealdstone and Poole Town.  I get the feeling the bar is usually less crowded than this.


Ruislip Social Club bar

Not that it’s a bad place. Quite the contrary, it has all I have come to expect from a Working Man’s Club (the Owl and the Ferndale being two grand examples).  But, game day is always going to bring in a few hundred thirsty fans.


Ruislip Social Club beer 1

My thirst was first slaked by a pint of Moon from the Vale Brewery, one of the last of these to be sold on the day since in the time it took to walk from the front to the back bar they were already priming the guest pump for Brains SA (my halftime drink).

Ruislip Social Club health and safety

It’s health and safety gone mad

The house hosts musical entertainment, as well (and, it seems, the occasional laser light show).  These are typically cover bands, but the entertainment this day seemed ready to start and I drank up to find a good place to watch the action.

Ruislip Social Club view on the football pitch



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