The Bear on the Barge, Harefield, Middlesex   2 comments



Scouting the pub, I had seen the sign of the Bear on the Barge and I half expected a Grateful Dead themed visit, but it is really much more a family- and food-oriented house. Not the Dead Family, though…pity, really especially with the unusually hairy and surprisingly smooth house beer, Dirty Bear, which could easily be named for Jerry or, more likely, Bear Owsley.





The pub garden is right on the Grand Union Canal but there’s a Yasgur’s Farm to traverse to the pub. I came in through a dining area by stepping over a low wall then went to the first bar I could see but then was redirected around to the front bar. I ordered the Owsley-esque beer and a kid about 25 years old at the bar looked up at my sweaty ass and said, “you finally made it.” “Yes, it’s been a long strange trip.” He frowned, went out front and I paid up and followed because when your ship comes in the first man takes the sails.

There’s a wood fired pizza oven in the house and I have it on authority that the pizza is excellent (whether or not it’s good authority, I have no clue). The one thing I was sure of was that at only about the halfway point of the run, two pints into the trip and recovering from a throat infection, I’d better watch my speed.




Posted September 7, 2016 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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